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Tunes from the pros

Throughout January music lovers have been treated to a sudden surge of new work from some of the most established industry giants in the biz. We give a short analysis of three such releases to see how the music lives up to the name.


Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Rihanna – Four Five Seconds

Taking a direction that has surprised many (The Prodigy please take note), the unlikely trio of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney has produced a subtle and simple acoustic pop song which finally gives Rihanna’s voice some room to breathe after several years of crowding out by over-production. It’s stripped back, honest and strangely satisfying to hear McCartney take the considerable talent of both these younger artists and steer them firmly away from lascivious lyrics and abrasive EDM hooks (sorry for sounding like my mother). Once the vocals have had their moment to shine, my attention drifts to the modestly evolving instrumental tracks beneath, expertly layered by McCartney with a few more unusual chord progressions and instrumentation (is McCartney fronting an organ come-back?) that in my opinion save the piece from the fate prescribed by one Pop Justice reviewer of sounding “like track 9 on a Pink album”, heaven forbid. Let’s just be thankful West didn’t spill his supersized cup of autotune all over the track like he did on his McCartney collaboration Only One. Yeesh, Yeezus, what were you thinking?

Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue – Right Here Right Now

Though I absolutely love the title and its originator, I fear Giorgio Moroder’s forthcoming album ’74 Is The New 24′ may disappoint. The two singles revealed so far are expertly produced, fun, pop songs with a gurgling, analogue synth grind that acts as a Moroder signature. But in both cases the melodies and chord progressions seem to only graze the surface, lacking the depth or hook that makes a classic. Even as I write I listen to Kylie Minogue’s shiny treble in the chorus and realise it will probably work for many, but for me the step-touch, step-touch up the Major scale of “right here, right now” is all cheese. I’m in no way adverse to sparkly pop music, but with echoes of Kylie’s ancient collaboration with Nick Cave in my ear, I kind of expected a Minogue/Moroder alliance to be, well, cooler.

The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

Gutsy thudding and a low growl opens The Day Is My Enemy with promise; the sultry female vocal hook intrigues, and even the hit, though familiar, is deliciously meaty. But as the track rolls on, and raspy squawks of ‘get down’ reveal themselves to be the extent of the lyrical prowess, one wonders what it is The Prodigy are actually shouting about this time. The time has come and gone for The Prodigy to evolve, and put their considerable musical talent and subversive sentiments into a project with a new sound. No one is asking for a predictable ‘I’ve mellowed with age’ album but, after The Prodigy has spent the last five years touring excessively, we desperately need something different. If you like The Prodigy, you’ll like The Day Is My Enemy, but if you love The Prodigy, you’ll feel that it’s missing soul.

Freddie Rocks Ibiza

We nipped down to check out the daytime shenanigans in honour of the late, great Freddie Mercury’s birthday down at legendary Ibiza hotel, Pikes.


Ever more impressive hotel parties seem to be springing up everywhere in Ibiza recently. But the original, iconic island party hotel has to be Pikes. These days home to Ibiza Rocks House, but with an illustrious history of outrageous rock-star parties too numerous to mention.

I first heard of Pikes Hotel back in the early eighties, whilst still a wide-eyed teenager. I remember seeing the video for Wham’s Club Tropicana, filmed at Pikes, with my mouth open in awe. The beautiful people, the pool, the glamour!

So it was an absolute delight to finally rock up to Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes yesterday to celebrate the birthday of another of this Ibiza hotel’s legendary clients, the late, great, truly inimitable (despite everyone’s best attempts) Freddie Mercury.

Stunning setting

Nestled beautifully into the mountains around San Antonio, Freddie loved Pikes Hotel. He held some pretty unforgettable (according to the lucky ones who attended) parties at Pikes. He had his favourite suite which now bears his name and Tony Pike, the hotel’s famous proprietor, sure knew how to throw a party. He’s not lost his touch, ladies and gents.

The party started at 1pm, and by the time we arrived around 3pm, the pool was buzzing with mustachioed ladies, mustachioed men and hell, I even saw a dog with a moustache (it was made of stone, but still…). “No moustache, no entry,” insisted the receptionist firmly, armed with a big black body-paint crayon and a mischievous glint in her eye.

Cocktails, music and sunshine

Bravofox (aka Jamie Porteous) was blasting out super-smiley electro-pop with a tasty Balearic twist and some nifty live vocals floating in and out, providing the ideal backdrop to the daytime Freddie frolicks. Cocktails abounded and the vibe was funky and friendly.

Characteristically starving when we arrived, we ordered some tapas by the pool. Mmm! Patatas Bravas (but made with sweet potato and with sweet chilli sauce and ‘salsa brava’), Tortilla (Spanish omelette) with spinach and honey plus nachos with melted cheese served with guacamole, yogurt dip and a tomato and chilli sauce.

Lunching by the pool

The nachos came in a very generous portion, the tortilla was served with soft, fresh, warm bread and the sweet potato chips were divine. And what’s more my bill, including a glass of white wine and a beer came to just €30.50. When you consider that some other Ibiza party hotels present you with a bill like this just for the drinks, we were very pleasantly surprised.

Kids ran around happily (and noisily) splashing around their own private pool and bouncing around gleefully on some impressive looking bouncy castles. And yes, even the kids were proudly sporting Freddie ‘tashes.

Before we knew it, 4 hours had flashed by and my moustache had begun to melt into a shapeless streaky black blob as we entered lustily into the spirit of the party.  We joined the crowd in enthusiastically belting out raucous renditions of pop classics such as Madonna’s Vogue, Tears for Fears’ 1980’s monster hit Shout and all the while observing the queue at the door growing longer by the minute.

We literally dragged ourselves away around 7.30pm, by which time, it has to be said, the party was just getting going with the full evening’s line-up yet to come (sob!). And we left only because we had our very own Spotlight closing soireé at We Love… to excitedly head off to – more about that from our clubbing team soon!

Daytime party comeback

It seems that daytime parties are back, ladies and gents. Perhaps not in the clubs as before, but increasingly at gorgeous hotels such as Pikes, UshuaïaHard Rock Hotel,Aguas de IbizaDestino Pacha and others. Not to mention the expansion of the island’s rocking, ever-more-popular boat parties.  Anyone who came to Ibiza years ago, when daytime partying was one of the defining characteristics of the island’s music scene, will no doubt be delighted to see the reemergence of that most iconic of Ibiza pastimes: dancing to fantastic music, surrounded by incredible beauty, in the gorgeous Balearic sunshine.

Many say that’s one of the (many) things that made them fall in love with Ibiza. Carefree days of dancing in the sunshine with smiling people from all over the world. Freddie Rocks Ibiza delivered exactly that, and it was very nice to see parties such as this one that cater really well for the kiddies too. Nice.

It was good to be there in the beautiful Ibiza countryside, dear reader, and feel those sunshine party vibes. A fab, family day out with just a touch of glamour, we say happy birthday Freddie and high five Pikes!

Source : Ibiza Spotlight

SARAH HARDING already looked trollied as she arrived in Ibiza with boyfriend MARK FOSTER.

SARAH HARDING already looked trollied as she arrived in Ibiza with boyfriend MARK FOSTER.

The pair are there for the isle’s first summer tear-ups but Sarah must have got the party started on the plane yesterday.

A source said: “She was behaving like she was drunk and snogging the face off her man at the baggage area.


Sarah Harding

All White on the night … Sarah Harding is hitting the Isle’s opening parties


“Sarah climbed on a trolley then sat listening to music and bopping her head.

“She was laughing and saying she was raring to go after her power nap on the plane.”

At least she’ll have swerved the dodgy in-flight brekkie omelette.
Source : The Sun UK

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