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MUSIC | Album of the week: Madtech 02 – Ibiza

MUSIC | Album of the week: Madtech 02 – Ibiza


Artist: Kerri Chandler
Album: Madtech 02 – Ibiza
Label: Madtech
Release date: 11th May (Beatport) 24th May (general)

Madtech was founded by Kerri Chandler in 2012, ten years after he first launched Madhouse Records. Musically guided by the legend himself, the label prides itself on launching the careers of the hottest new artists on the house music scene. At the end of last year Madtech 01 was released, a compilation of some of the label’s best hits over the previous two years. After this success comes Madtech 02 – Ibiza, designed for the summer parties and released in May to coincide with the start of a new Ibiza season.

The compilation welcomes the likes of Josh Butler, Alexis Raphael, Leftwing & Kody, Cera Alba, Max Chapman, Celsius and Jonny Cade delivering exclusive content, as well as some promising up and comers early to boot; namely Black Girl/White Girl, Howson’s Groove, Simba and Cristoph – all packaged into a neat compilation with a cool exploding yellow and green paint cloud on the cover.

Whilst this very much a case of your typical four-to-the-floor house, some tracks are real standouts: Alexis Raphael’s Fire Burning is characteristic with its syncopated stabs and diva vocals set against a bouncing bass line and tones of a subtly blowing wooden wind chime in the background. Elsewhere, Christoph proves why he’s become a DFTD mainstay, with Don’t Go adding a touch of something deeper to this compilation – a deep, reverberating bassline coupled with the repeated refrain of ‘don’t go home baby’, whilst undoubtedly designed to reverberate out of the world’s best sound setups, has a touch of melancholy about it.

Obelisk by Black Girl/White Girl is a pleasant surprise – the up and coming duo from Tel Aviv and Amsterdam’s love for old-school Chicago sounds is reflected in a hard hitting bass line, almost industrial drums and a breakdown around the four minute mark featuring plenty of keyboard chords. Finally, Josh Butler’s Captivated is a real standout – it’s a slick production that shows just why he has so rapidly risen to become one of the UK’s most hyped house DJs. Part echoey Ibiza terrace hands-in-the-air moments, part grooving bassline and percussion, it’s the vocal that really shines through: the deal is cut for y’all to dance… the captivating Madtech manifesto.

Madtech 02 – Ibiza is effectively over two hours of straight-up unapologetically solid house grooves. There’s not much that’s quirky or unusual about it, but it showcases the label’s talents doing what they do best very well – a totally beach party-ready album.

WORDS | Miriam Johnson


01 Human Life – Moment
02 Fabricio Peçanha – Push It
03 Holt Blackheath – The Snake Charmer
04 Bontan – Activated
05 Phil Gerus – Ain’t Nobody
06 Max Chapman – Inside
07 Alexis Raphael – Fire Burning
08 S. Jay – Wait A Minute
09 Third Son – Sirens
10 Jonny Cade Ft. Aisha Zoe – Save The Records
11 Simba – Haunted
12 Cristoph – Don’t Go
13 Leftwing, Kody & Cera Alba – Rupture
14 Samm & Fresque – Glitch
15 Luvstuff Ft. Nastaly – Feelings
16 Rich Wakley – Serendipity
17 Stefano Esposito & Timmy P – Fkin MIDI
18 Black Girl/White Girl – Obelisk
19 Ben Mono – Gamma
20 Josh Butler Ft. Marck Jamz – Captivate
21 Howson’s Groove – Hold Back
22 No Twin – Chatterbox
23 Waifs & Strays – Running Dat
24 Ten Story – Something Happens
25 Copy Paste Soul – Mistical
26 Celsius – Depletion

Event : DJ Sin live at Qbara in Dubai 18th March 2015 with Nicholas Sechaud

Event : DJ Sin live at Qbara in Dubai 18th March 2015 with Nicholas Sechaud


DJ SIN is breaking every barrier this year after his exciting 25 years of making untold history in the music industry. Sin will be playing at Qbara in Dubai on 18th March along with Nicholas Sechaud which will be a truly crazy mix of sounds. 

This Venue is one of a kind for their ambiance and food and this event is our pick of the week. Make sure you be there if you are in Dubai this week.

Address : WAFI City, Dubai UAE
800QBARA /


Philip George – Wish You Were Mine (Official Video)

Philip George – Wish You Were Mine (Official Video)


Single on iTunes:
Remixes on iTunes:

First discovered via SoundCloud, Philip George is the 21 year old British house DJ/producer who’s just been signed to leading independent label 3 Beat for the world, with his debut single, ‘Wish You Were Mine’, set for release in the US via a partnership deal with Motown (with Stevie Wonder’s blessing).

Currently playlisted at Radio 1, Kiss, Capital and beyond, ‘Wish You Were Mine’, is tipped to be the first UK No.1 of 2015, based on pre-order figures, Shazam data (No.1 on both the UK Top 100 and the Future Hits charts), over 1 million SoundCloud plays (currently hitting 80,000 plays per day) and over 1 million YouTube views.

Philip is part of the ‘SoundCloud generation’ of new artists who are discovered online and achieve global recognition within weeks. Hailing from Nottingham, he’s been obsessed by music since the age of 7, when he first learnt to play the piano and drums – a musical grounding that you can hear throughout his productions.

Like many, Philip’s love of house music stems from his first visit to Ibiza. An ‘epiphany’-filled trip with parties at DC10, Sankeys, Space and Amnesia, that, he says, “changed my life”. He returned home, stopped making drum & bass, and began making house to play in his DJ sets.

‘Wish You Were Mine’ cleverly uses a familiar vocal from Stevie Wonder – ‘My Cherie Amour’. Combined with Philip’s house bassline and melodies, the track immediately became popular, and quickly took on a life of its own via his SoundCloud, blogs and tastemaker YouTube channels.

3 Beat (home to Sigma, Fuse ODG, Stylo G), have signed George for the world, with a partnership deal for the single in North America via legendary label, Motown. The US interest came about after the label and Stevie Wonder became aware of ‘Wish You Were Mine’, subsequently gave him their mutual blessing, and have now offered him the keys to the Motown vaults for future productions.

Now with major support from traditional media, and a rapidly filling DJ schedule, Philip George is set to become one of 2015’s biggest electronic music stars.

#Album – #Music For Dreams #Copenhagen 2015

#Album – #Music For Dreams #Copenhagen 2015

Artist: Various (selected and mixed by Kenneth Bager)
Album: Music For Dreams – Copenhagen 2015
Label: Music For Dreams
Released: 12/01/15


Kenneth Bager has been producing, promoting and performing his distinctive brand of eclectic house music for several decades now and, with this latest instalment to his well-respected series, shows no signs of slowing down. The founder of the legendarily hedonistic Coma Club parties, in his home city of Copenhagen, and Music For Dreams label boss presents us with his latest compilation, and like the man himself, it’s fun, a little eccentric and well worth paying attention to.

As with all compilations, individual listeners will pick out their own personal highlights. In this case, a lot will depend on their mood as chilled tracks are accompanied by much more dance floor friendly cuts. However, a notable strand running throughout is Kenneth’s interest in different and eclectic instruments that make welcome appearances: saxophone solos, guitar strums, piano tinklings, even a Gallic-flavoured accordion all add a richness and variety that keep you engaged and looking forward to what’s coming up next. Repeated plays are warranted to pick up on something that may have been missed first time around.

Those who are familiar with Kenneth’s laid back, Balearic-bliss selections from his radio show on Ibiza Sonica may be a touch surprised at some of the tracks showcased here, for example, Serge Devant’s deep and dark remix of Hess is More’s Yes Boss. Whilst it’s a compilation, rather than a mix, there is a definite progression that takes the listener from the beach, in opener Total Blue by Bonnie & Klein, onto late-night dancefloors, climaxing with James Moor’s Spirits and back again to a delicate piano on closer Birdy by Troels Hammer. It’s ambitious certainly and perhaps a stretch at times as syncopated bongos and funky guitar licks are replaced quickly by big, rolling basslines and thumping kick drums.

Music For Dreams – Copenhagen 2015 is therefore a tricky one to nail down; if anything, it reflects those glorious sunsets at Café Mambo (who hosted Bager’s residency in 2013), where the descent of the sun beneath the horizon signals a prompt, breathless start to the evening’s festivities. It sits in that hinterland between bar and club, where the drinks are being poured and anticipation of the adventures ahead are being felt, and sometimes that is the best place to be.


1. Bonnie & Klein – Total Blue
2. Bjarno – Factor 30
3. Emil Germ – Giv (Original Album Mix)
4. Coyote – Gitarra
5. Dj Pippi & Kenneth Bager – La Serenata (Sandro S Dub Mix)
6. The Kenneth Bager Experience – Premiere Classe (Beat Mix)
7. Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers in Paris (Tonovi remix)
8. Mads Dalholt & Zimino feat Djek – Balearica
9. Tuccinelli – Tempo Libre
10.Peter Visti – Wanna Dance
11.Al Jawala – Go East – (Mads Dalholt & Zimino Remix)
12. Dj Mam – Sambarimbo (Deeplick Remix)
13. Landers & Dalholt – Zengo
14. James Moor – Spirits
15. Hess Is More – Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
16. Laid Back – Fuck (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
17. Valentin Huedo – Running On Grass
18. Lucci Capri – Kilimanjaro (New Mix)
19. N* Grandjean – The First Picture (RockNRolla Sound System )
20 – Troels Hammer – Birdy

WORDS | Andrew Fulker

Tunes from the pros

Tunes from the pros

Throughout January music lovers have been treated to a sudden surge of new work from some of the most established industry giants in the biz. We give a short analysis of three such releases to see how the music lives up to the name.


Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Rihanna – Four Five Seconds

Taking a direction that has surprised many (The Prodigy please take note), the unlikely trio of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney has produced a subtle and simple acoustic pop song which finally gives Rihanna’s voice some room to breathe after several years of crowding out by over-production. It’s stripped back, honest and strangely satisfying to hear McCartney take the considerable talent of both these younger artists and steer them firmly away from lascivious lyrics and abrasive EDM hooks (sorry for sounding like my mother). Once the vocals have had their moment to shine, my attention drifts to the modestly evolving instrumental tracks beneath, expertly layered by McCartney with a few more unusual chord progressions and instrumentation (is McCartney fronting an organ come-back?) that in my opinion save the piece from the fate prescribed by one Pop Justice reviewer of sounding “like track 9 on a Pink album”, heaven forbid. Let’s just be thankful West didn’t spill his supersized cup of autotune all over the track like he did on his McCartney collaboration Only One. Yeesh, Yeezus, what were you thinking?

Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue – Right Here Right Now

Though I absolutely love the title and its originator, I fear Giorgio Moroder’s forthcoming album ’74 Is The New 24′ may disappoint. The two singles revealed so far are expertly produced, fun, pop songs with a gurgling, analogue synth grind that acts as a Moroder signature. But in both cases the melodies and chord progressions seem to only graze the surface, lacking the depth or hook that makes a classic. Even as I write I listen to Kylie Minogue’s shiny treble in the chorus and realise it will probably work for many, but for me the step-touch, step-touch up the Major scale of “right here, right now” is all cheese. I’m in no way adverse to sparkly pop music, but with echoes of Kylie’s ancient collaboration with Nick Cave in my ear, I kind of expected a Minogue/Moroder alliance to be, well, cooler.

The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

Gutsy thudding and a low growl opens The Day Is My Enemy with promise; the sultry female vocal hook intrigues, and even the hit, though familiar, is deliciously meaty. But as the track rolls on, and raspy squawks of ‘get down’ reveal themselves to be the extent of the lyrical prowess, one wonders what it is The Prodigy are actually shouting about this time. The time has come and gone for The Prodigy to evolve, and put their considerable musical talent and subversive sentiments into a project with a new sound. No one is asking for a predictable ‘I’ve mellowed with age’ album but, after The Prodigy has spent the last five years touring excessively, we desperately need something different. If you like The Prodigy, you’ll like The Day Is My Enemy, but if you love The Prodigy, you’ll feel that it’s missing soul.

MUSIC – Album of the week: Nina Kraviz ‘DJ KICKS’

MUSIC – Album of the week: Nina Kraviz ‘DJ KICKS’

By Ibiza Spotlight

Artist: Various (selected and mixed by Nina Kraviz)
Album: DJ-Kicks Nina Kraviz
Label: !K7
Released: 26/01/15


First off, an admission: I was sceptical as to how Kraviz’s late-night/early-morning techno would work when listened to on headphones rather than a booming Funktion 1. Her sets are deep and layered; they undulate smoothly and carefully and invite clubbers to get lost in their depths as bleeps and beats emerge from the void then graually disappear again. With all the right elements in place and working this can be a very hypnotic, trippy experience and a real treat lately with Kraviz hitting a rich vein of form in the last 12 months or so. Well, her form continues, as my misgivings as to how this would sound at home quickly proved to be unfounded.

This mix must be listened to in one go to be appreciated; the individual tracks complement and speak to each other effectively and reveal themselves thoughtfully. In fact, thoughtfulness is evident throughout, as is Kraviz’s assured confidence in the mix. Snippets of tracks appear fleetingly to help transition between the longer players – case in point the beautifully subtle movement from the underwater alarms of Area’s Broken Glass Everywhere, through Prototype 909’s Atma, to the haunting David Bowie vocals (oh yes!) of Goldie’s Truth.

This means that the at-first-glance daunting 29 tracks are condensed into just over an hour but also makes it difficult to pick out highlights as individual tunes rarely stand alone (a definite bonus that makes the listener appreciate the mix as a single piece of work rather than just a beatmatched series of tracks in a similar genre). There are standouts moments though, the giddiness of Freak Electrique’s Parsec and the haunting fragility of Polygon Window’s Quino-Phec offer exciting changes of pace and mood in the mix whilst remaining true to it as a whole.

This isn’t just one for the DJ Kicks completists (of whom there’ll be many) or Kraviz die-hards. It’s a powerful, at times bewitching trip down into the icy depths of techno and another chapter in the inexorable rise and rise of one of dance music’s most original minds.

WORDS | Andrew Fulker


01. Egotrip – Dreamworld (Acapella)
02. Nina Kraviz – Mystery (DJ-Kicks)
03. Area – Broken Glass Everywhere
04. Prototype 909 – Atma
05. Goldie – Truth
06. Bjarki – Revolution
07. Nina Kraviz – IMPRV
08. Bjarki – Polygon Pink Toast
09. Population One – Bonus Beat
Flatner / Ingram Project – Da Comin’ (Jay Denham RMX) Acapella
Parrish Smith – 1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide Acapella
10. Breaker 1 2 – In The Distance
11. Steve Stoll – Pop Song
12. Bradley Strider – Untitled
13. Stanislav Tolkachev – I Will Not Pee In The Pool
14. Armando – Pleasure Dome
15. Nina Kraviz – Prozimokompleme
16. Baby Ford – 24 HR
17. Fred P – Higher Mentalism (edit)
18. Exos – Nuclear Red Guard
19. Steve Stoll – Corona
20. Freak Electrique – Parsec
21. Population One – Out Of Control (Vocal Mix)
22. Exos & Octal – Grow
23. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN – Complaints A
24. Plaid – Oi
25. DJ Bone – The Vibe
26. Adam Beyer pres Conceiled Project – Pattern 1
27. Polygon Window – Quino-Phec
28. Nikita Zabelin feat. dBridge – So Lonely
29. Rhizome – Corridor

EVENT | International Christmas night market – Ibiza Town

EVENT | International Christmas night market – Ibiza Town

Feasting and merriment are upon us as the streets around Calle de la Virgen get set to host this fab, art-infused, multicultural event


As December hits us and the festive season launches into 4th gear, the time for eating, drinking and yes, shopping is once again upon us all, ladies and gentlemen.

And to assist us with the general merriment, Ibiza council have organised a special, international Christmas night market, centred around picturesque Plaza sa Drassaneta and Calle de la Virgen in Ibiza old town (Dalt Vila). Famous for its LGBT friendly ambience, Calle de la Virgen is stuffed full of quirky little bars, cool restaurants and unique, arty boutiques.

In collaboration with AMAE (Ibiza Society of Visual Arts), itself located in Plaza sa Drassaneta, this international Christmas market aims to give visitors a taste of typical festive fayre from all around Europe, whilst enjoying some local art and culture.

From the 4th – 8th, then the 19th – 31st of December from 8pm-3am, the streets of Dalt Vila will be transformed into not just a market, but an open air art exhibition too. As well as lots of international food and drink and a great atmosphere, expect to find many shops open till late offering some really special Christmas deals. The market will close on new year’s eve with a no doubt flamboyant, colourful and rompingly good party centred around one of our favourite haunts on Calle de la Virgen, Bar 22. Expect Djs, dancing in the streets and naturally, a great atmosphere.

We’ve listed the participating bars and restaurants along with their international theme so you can see at a glance who’s doing what. From German sausages to Austrian orange punch, there’s sure to be something deliciously festive for everyone!


Bar La Virgen – GalicianQueimada Gallega – a mix of fruits and alcohol that is dramatically set alight in a traditional ritual before drinking.

Bar La Nada – GermanGlühwein, hot wine punch, Schaschlik, Currywurst and Bratwurst served with bread plus Frikadelle, small meatballs with potato salad (Price: €1.50 – 5.50)

Bar Sunrise: Swedish:  Glögg hot wine punch with spices, Pearkakor Christmas cookies and Lussekatter, saffron bread. Children can have their photo taken with Father Christmas who will give each child a small gift.

Bar León – GermanGlühwein“ hot wine punch. Tombola on the 22nd December at 10pm. Free entry into a special Christmas lottery when you spend over €5 with prizes including: a smartphone, a shopping voucher at fashion clothing shop Ibiza45 (to the value of €50), a pair of bluetooth sound boxes and various drinks vouchers.

Mad Bar – BelgianLiege Coffee“ with  waffles (€2.50) and a ‘Latin rhythm party each Friday.

Bar JJ – FrenchTypical French Christmas goodies.

Bar Ohdiosa – IbizanCompanatge cheeses, Sobrasadas, Butifarras, typical confectionary such as Flao, Orelletas, Bunuello, liquors and ordinary table wines, Hierbas Ibicencas. (Price: (€1.50 – 4.00).

Crazy Mozart Café Bar – AustrianOrange Punch, Leberkäse – a popular meat loaf in Germany and Austria served with bread and typical sweets served during the christmas season in Austria. Also a special, non-alcoholic children’s punch served at the very festively named Snowman Bar.  (Price: €1.50 – 2.50).


Il Pavoni – ItalianOpen every day during December, find special Christmas offers on focaccia, pizzas and more.

Restaurant Pomelo – SpanishTapas and finger foods to take away: hot chocolate, soups, empanadillas, croquettes and more (Price: €1.50 – 7.00)

Il Gato e Volpe – Italian and SpanishTasting menu €25, tapas, Paella, pasta, pintxos and drinks.

Sushiya Aoyama – JapaneseTapas for €2 Temaki €5 and hot Sake.

And if you can still actually move after all that festive quaffing, then you’ll find fashion clothing shops like BoomBap, Rituality, Jamel and Ibiza 45 open until late. But to be honest, we were already sold at the mere mention of Glühwein. Mmm, see you there!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou  PHOTO | Spotlight

Steve Aoki To Start Producing Deep House Music Under New Name

Steve Aoki To Start Producing Deep House Music Under New Name


Steve Aoki is known for his big club anthems and throwing cake on his fans, but it appears he will be trying out a new style in an upcoming project. He revealed to MixMag that he has started working on deep house tracks, though he won’t be releasing them under his own name.

He told them he became inspired to move into house music after playing Cafe Mambo in Ibiza this summer.

“That kind of environment, the banging stuff just doesn’t work, so I was playing house: Maceo PlexTen WallsTiga‘s collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff,” he explained. “I won’t release it under Steve Aoki, it’ll be under another name. I don’t want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We’ll see how it does.”

Under his own name, Aoki recently released Neon Future 1, the first part of his two-part album, via Ultra Music/Dim Mak. It is the DJ/producer’s second studio album. The second part of the album is scheduled to drop in the winter of 2015. Part one contains more party-themed/club-style songs while part two is said to have a darker, more emotional vibe.

In an interview with Billboard, Aoki described what the phrase “Neon Future” means for him.

Neon Future is, in short, a positive outlook on human progress and technology, looking forward to a bright, colorful utopia,” he explained. “It’s embracing the future, and looking toward the future in a more optimistic way. I like looking at a future where we’re expanding our creativity and brightening our lives. I believe that eventually we’ll get to a point where we’ll be able to live indefinitely through our technology. That concept of futurism is underlying the full process of the album.”

Would you like to see deep house from Aoki? Sound off in the comments section below!

Pacha Ibiza club launches in Dubai

Pacha Ibiza club launches in Dubai

It is no exaggeration to say that when Pacha Ibiza Dubai opens its doors for the first time this weekend, it will be one of the country’s most anticipated new venue launches.

More than a year after it was announced that the iconic clubbing brand would be coming to the UAE, Pacha will finally open to the public on Friday – and we were given a sneak peek inside.

It is based in the Souk Madinat space formerly occupied by Trilogy – but if you were familiar with that long-running superclub you will find it completely transformed.

The circular central dance floor remains, thankfully, but earlier in the evening you can expect to see the space lined with dinner tables. While dancers strut on the floor and aerial artists float overhead, the kitchen will serve up a pan-Asian menu, offering the kind of dinner-and-a-show concept found at The Act.

When I popped in for a pre-opening night preview, there was an engaging series of short shows, carefully choreographed brief routines performed by a revolving collective of 10 performers swirling on a raised stage, jutting from platforms and descending daringly from the sky.

Impressive stuff for sure, but unlikely to raise the eyebrows of anyone familiar with the Ibiza venue’s hard-partying home. The room itself has been overhauled dramatically, mixing elements of Ibiza-esque whitewash with shiny metallic surfaces, and huge bubble-like columns rising to the ceiling.

A day earlier, the club’s general manager, Todd Lunger, took me on an exclusive tour, while pockets of the club’s 170 staff zipped around anxiously applying finishing touches ahead of the private launch.

“We’ve created a new idea of what Pacha can be,” explained the 32-year-old Las Vegas native.

“Pacha Ibiza is more go-go, which is great for nightclubs, but we’re developing Pacha in a new direction, exploring elements more suited for our clientele in Dubai.”

Most of the remaining ground floor is set aside for VIP tables, as is the upper balcony level, where a lounge-like concept spreads around a central shaft overlooking the stage. There are 52 VIP tables – about “a 50/50 split” with regular guests – typically starting from a minimum spend of Dh5,000 for six people.

The best tables overlooking the stage can command prices of upwards of Dh30,000, depending on the night, with big spenders also invited to use a VIP-only lift, bar and toilets.

The entertainment normally wraps up at about midnight on the weekends, after which the main room will be transformed into one of the three clubbing spaces. Todd explains this dance floor will be “more on the commercial side” of the music spectrum, with a range of new residents flown in from abroad, all overseen by entertainment director and Dubai mainstay Pierre Ravan.


More eclectic clubbers are likely to enjoy The Red Room. While silent on our preview, the theatrically decorated space in what used to be Trilogy’s Studio Room promises to offer a disco and nu-disco soundtrack. However, in winter months, it’s likely to be The Rooftop that attracts most party people, with a focus on the deep house for which the brand earned its reputation.

Another spot that will be familiar to Trilogy visitors, the roof’s unique selling point – views, space and air – remains unchanged, but some cosmetic improvements such as a new bar and DJ booth are welcome.

Mixing elements of a restaurant concept, live show, VIP lounge and a clubbing space with three distinct music policies – and with a huge capacity of close to 2,000 – Pacha Ibiza Dubai will clearly be a major player on the UAE nightlife scene.

While its heavy emphasis on VIPs, dining and acrobats may alienate some of the more serious music fans who counted themselves as Trilogy regulars, as an all-encompassing new show-stopper, Pacha is ticking an impressive array of boxes – and is very distinctly “Dubai”.

But as with any venue, it will really be the crowd who really decides what it wants from Pacha.

.Pacha Ibiza Dubai opens on Friday (November 7) with Dh150 as entry fee for opening night. It will be open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 8pm, clubbing on Thursday and Friday only, call 04 567 0000 or visit

Iggy Azalea – Black Widow ft. Rita Ora (Draginz Remix) [Trapstep]

Iggy Azalea – Black Widow ft. Rita Ora (Draginz Remix) [Trapstep]

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