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Celebrities back Ibiza Says No oil drilling campaign

Celebrities back Ibiza Says No oil drilling campaign


Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Pete Tong are among the celebrities backing a campaign to stop oil exploration off the coast of Ibiza.

A British company called Cairn Energy has been given the green light to look for oil, 15 miles from the party island.

More than 30,000 petitions have now been submitted to Spain’s government urging it to rethink the decision.

The main concern is the effect on tourism.


The island is famous for its nightclubs and dance culture but it is also a Unesco World Heritage Site.

This means the United Nations regards it as a place of special cultural or physical significance.

There are fears if this goes ahead then there could be oil spills and locals are worried about the effect on tourism and sea life.

“The drilling they want to do is 1,200 metres deep,” Sandra Benbeniste, the co-ordinator of the Ibiza Preservation Fund, told Newsbeat.

“This is the same depth that they did in the Gulf of Mexico when they had this big accident.

She did not think the technology was efficient or modern enough for drilling to be carried out at that depth without huge risks.

“The possibility of that would ruin not only the environment but also the reputation Ibiza has in terms of tourism,” she continued.

“99% of the people live from tourism. There’s no way we can risk what we have.”

It is not just the locals who are concerned about these plans.

Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong have all backed the campaign by posting selfies with a banner reading #Ibizasaysno.

The plans are in a very early stage and the oil company, Cairn Energy, told Newsbeat what it wants to do is nothing new.

“There have been 267 offshore wells drilled in Spain between 1960 and 2010,” it said in a statement.

“Cairn is working in Spain at the invitation of the Spanish government, where the company is at the very early stages of assessing whether to explore for hydrocarbons.

“Wherever we work we consult with the local communities to understand any concerns they have and ensure we develop plans which, where possible, avoid these.

Source : BBC News

Help Ibiza say NO… To oil drilling

Help Ibiza say NO… To oil drilling


By Jane Charilaou 

NO! To oil drilling in Ibiza!

The project is to be financed by Scottish company Cairn Energy, famous for their controversial decision to drill for oil in the environmentally fragile Arctic Circle. The company has been given the go ahead by government officials in Madrid amidst strong local opposition.

Public outrage

In an almost unanimous show of unity, over 50 organizations across Ibiza and Formentera, including local government institutions, political organisations, town halls and local businesses have got together to form the ‘Alianza Mar Blava’ (The Mar Blava Alliance). Their objective? To stop the oil exploration going ahead.

Issue 1 – oil leaks and damage to coastline

To begin with, they contest that there is a real danger of a potentially catastrophic oil leak deep beneath the sea, like the one seen in the gulf of Mexico during 2010. It was one of world’s worst environmental disasters which saw tragic, widespread destruction of coastline along with the death of countless fish, mammals and birds.

Disasters like these can be caused by the acoustic surveys used in ‘phase one’ of such exploratory projects, emitting sound waves that can reach between 10,000 and 100,000 times louder than the engines of a jet plane.

Issue 2 – acoustic surveys and death of marine life

There is wide scientific consensus that such sound levels devastate marine life, interfering with ability to orientate, breed and navigate. Eggs and larva are destroyed and internal bleeding, injuries and eventually death, are the result.

Issue 3 – Danger to whales, dolphins and turtles

The proposed site of the oil rig also happens to be smack bang in the path of the western Mediterranean’s migratory corridor used by whales, dolphins and turtles. Quite aside from being an ugly eyesore on the beautiful Ibiza coastline, the oil rig would threaten their survival.

Issue 4 – No more clean seas

Finally, the ancient marine meadows of Posidonia seagrass, UNESCO world heritage site and what keeps the seas crystal clear and clean around Ibiza and Formentera, would be irrevocably damaged. The accumulation of toxic chemicals used in the second and third ‘phases’ of the UK energy giant’s project would be inevitable, say the Alliance.

What can I do?!

Here at Ibiza Spotlight, we feel a responsibility to the island. Ibiza has been very good to us all during the decades we’ve been here, helping to share her beauty and magic with the world. We feel compelled to add our voice to those who want to see Ibiza remain unspoiled.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you too love Ibiza, her natural magnificence, her beautiful beaches and healthy, clean seas, we invite you to help to protect her.  

Ways you can help:

  • In Ibiza right now? Come to Vara del Rey, Ibiza Town this Saturday, Jan 25th, between 11-17 hrs with your passport or DNI. This will enable you to sign an official petition requesting that the Spanish authorities withdraw their support for the oil exploration project. This is the best help you can give! The official petition is important because decision makers are legally obliged to consider it. We need 30,000 signed documents for the petition to succeed.

  • Not in Ibiza but still want to sign the petition? You can download it from here in English, Spanish and German. NOTE! It has to be printed off 3 times. Although you can read the form in English and German so that you understand, you must print and sign this SPANISH version! You sign each copy, then send it, along with a photocopy of your passport to: WORLDFAMILYIBIZA, APDO 160, 07810 SANT JOAN, IBIZA, ESPAÑA. This needs to be sent by Friday, Jan 31st at the latest to be included in the final count.

  • No access to a printer (sob!) but still want to help? You can sign an online petition at here. This petition has no legal bearing unfortunately, but it does still help to indicate public opposition to the oil rig. It’s also in Spanish, but google translate can quickly help with that!

  • Petitions aren’t really my thing, is there anything simple I can do? Yes! Share this article on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc) and help to raise awareness.

We offer our sincere thanks to those of you that take the time to act. Together, let’s keep Ibiza clean, safe and beautiful for generations to come.

Photo credits: our thanks to Ibiza Anti-Petrolífera for giving permission to publish their photos.

IMS Ibiza moves to Hard Rock Hotel

IMS Ibiza moves to Hard Rock Hotel


The industry conference will take place at the new Playa D’en Bossa venue in 2014.

IMS 2014 will run from May 21st through 23rd at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel.

Held annually at the Ibiza Gran Hotel since 2009, the seventh edition of the conference will see it move down the coast to Playa D’en Bossa. The Hard Rock Hotel, which will officially open on May 18th, is being built on the remains of the Hotel Don Toni, next to Ushuaia Tower. All talks, panels and workshops will take place within the five-star complex, with satellite parties relocating from the port to various venues in the Playa D’en Bossa area.

“This is a major opportunity for us to create a new home as we expand with the genre and with the ambitions of our delegates,” says IMS partner, Ben Turner. “We are impressed with the work of the Hard Rock group and feel we are in good hands. The irony of the history and name of the hotel is not lost on us—this is a true reflection of how our music is seeping into mainstream culture worldwide and continuing to break down barriers of entry.”

The IMS Grand Finale parties will be unaffected by the move, taking place at Dalt Vilain Ibiza Town on Thursday, May 22nd, and Friday the 23rd. The lineup for IMS Ibiza 2014 is yet to be announced.



PHRANK-2013-05-22-7396 copy

We gloved Guy Gerber…
Homage to Michael Jackson? Or Spinal Tap? Either way, Gerber’s (pictured above) new residency at Pacha, ‘Wisdom Of The Glove’, spearheaded the club’s brave new policy (which saw them jettison most of their well-established nights in favour of fresh new residencies). With a trippy new interior and guests including Four Tet, Magda, DJ Koze, Soul Clap and Nico Jaar, Gerber was the driving force behind the club’s reinvention.

Pharrell Williams pops Ushuaïa
The ‘Get Lucky’ star brought Playa d’en Bossa to a standstill, as screaming fans created a sexy, pop concert-style atmosphere around the pool.

Avicii was huge
Sunday afternoons were all about the ‘Avicii Show’. For many fledgling clubbers this thrilling and spectacular event was their first ever ‘rave’.

Guetta Maintains at Pacha
In the absence of Tiësto, Eric Prydz and Deadmau5, David Guetta was unchallenged as Ibiza’s biggest international shirt-seller.

Departures via Parachute
The grandest show of the summer was on Wednesday evenings at Ushuaïa, where Axwell & Ingrosso hit the Departure lounge – with skydivers!

PHRANK-2013-08-07-8311 copy

Paris Hilton was really not a big deal
Paris Hilton’s month-long Wednesday night residency at Amnesia was certainly the most controversial affair of the season. Dance heads across the planet prophesised the end of dance music as we know it, but in truth, Amnesia’s foam party has never exactly been the home of cutting-edge music, and the story was always bigger internationally than it was on the island.

Richie Hawtin made an Entrance
Richie Hawtin’s Enter residency at Space stepped up a gear this year, not only inspiring the redecoration of parts of the club but welcoming guests from across the spectrum, cementing fantastic years for other artists including Disclosure, Hot Since 82, Maya Jane Coles and Eats Everything.

Rave in a cave
This free beach party, organised by Ryan O’ Gorman with Vitalik and showcasing Just Be, took place in a cave on the west coast of the island.

Crazy for Circoloco
DC10 stayed at the top of it’s game with Circoloco, hosting Seth Troxler, Kerri Chandler, Jamie Jones and Maceo Plex, and dozens more.

Not forgetting Amnesia…
Time and time again at Music On on Friday nights, Marco Carola managed to transfix the crowd with an impeccable tune selection that combined with his calm and collected approach to somehow build momentum to an incredible plateau by sunrise. Meanwhile, Cream (on Thursdays), with Mixmag hosting the Terrace, was as unmissable as ever.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Ibiza Holiday Home La Maison De Bang Bang for Rent

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Ibiza Holiday Home La Maison De Bang Bang for Rent


You can now party like a royal, at the very place where Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a romantic getaway, courtesy of her Uncle Gary Goldsmith.

The IT recruitment millionaire is marketing the luxurious Ibizan villa La Maison de Bang Bang – reportedly named after the island’s ‘banging’ dance music scene.

Holidaymakers can enjoy the same experience as the young royals in the high class getaway, which is available for rent for £20,000-a-week.

In 2006 the Royal couple stayed at the house, where, Goldsmith, was once allegedly caught cutting up lines of cocaine in a tabloid sting.

On the website the description of the house is riddled with spelling mistakes stating  that staff can organise activities such as “raikhi [and] body ballencing” and can “help with vegitarian cuiseen, as well as help drive you around a bit and sort tables at clubs and resturants.” There’s also mention of  a ‘Jacquzzi’.

Gary Goldsmith
The luxury villa in Ibiza is owned by Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith.

The luxury home features two master suites and two smaller bedrooms two gold thrones, a statue of a moustachioed butler and a 12ft Buddha, while the dining room includes  a jukebox and a grand table with space for eight at mealtimes.


Goldsmith had put the villa on the market for £6 million last year, but was unable to find a buyer.

A self-made millionaire, his reported drug problems have made Kate’s uncle something of an embarrassment for the Middleton’s and he’s often described as the black sheep of the family.

Haim to perform at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks 2014

Haim to perform at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks 2014

Haim and The 1975 will perform at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks next year.


The two bands, both of whom have had Number One albums in the UK this year, will perform in June with Haim playing the opening party for both Mallorca Rocks on June 3 and the following day at Ibiza Rocks. British band The 1975 will follow shortly after, playing in Mallorca on June 10 and Ibiza on June 11.

Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks promoter of Shane Murray says: “What a way to kick off next summer poolside at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks. It’s a real coup to confirm Haim and The 1975 so early. They are two of the biggest breakthrough acts of the year and set the bar pretty high for the rest of the 16-week season.”

More Rocks headline acts are due to follow in the New Year.

Earlier this week Haim revealed the Giorgio Moroder remix of their single ‘Forever’. The original of which features on their debut album, ‘Days Are Gone’. Moroder recently collaborated with Daft Punk on their 2013 album ‘Random Access Memories’.

Source : NME

Uncover The Quiet Side Of Ibiza

Uncover The Quiet Side Of Ibiza


By Petra Dokken for Fathom

I came to the Spanish party island reluctantly almost twelve years ago. I expected to find nothing more than prejudice, shitty drugs, and Eurotrash.

I touched ground; I fell in love.

What I love is the energy, the vibe. Nothing I can define or analyze. It just is: an island that welcomes hippies, jet set, local farmers, German tourists. A small microcosmos where everyone lives and lets live. Ibiza is known for decadence, but it also has a beautiful countryside, agroturismos, and a lot of retreats and spiritual stuff. A hidden heartbeat.

Sandy beaches, small coves, cliffs, and everything in between. There are probably a hundred small beaches in every direction from wherever I’m standing. I choose depending on the time of the day and how I feel. Maybe I’ll hit the wild nude beach Aigües Blanques in the northeast or the sexy and hot party beach Ses Salines in the south where beautiful bodies unashamedly show off their lust.

For the singularity of Ibiza’s reputation, there’s actually nothing homogenous about this little place. The farmers, Catholic and mellow, treated the 1960s hippies who arrived escaping war and other horrors with generosity. The rich land provided for all, and it still does. People live long and live well. My friend Anette moved here, and her health improved miraculously. Healers and yogis thrive on Ibiza. When I ask another local friend, Joan, what it is that makes the fertile red soil and the magnetic fields so special, he said, well, yes, they just are. No fuss about it.

Abundance. On a street late at night, I see a girl in a white nurse’s dress with a red cross and an unusual feature, a hole in the back that shows off her cute butt. This is mild compared to what you can find here. Sex is in the air as the extreme night creatures gather, but I can go a long time without noticing.

That said, Ibiza has become much tidier in the past five years. Beaches now have sun loungers and parking lots; before we could roam free in the wilderness. The hippy market Las Dalias is now a perfectly shabby chic restaurant that sells trinkets that are too expensive for what they are. As for my beloved Benirràs beach, the sunset beach where we always had drum night on Sundays, well, for the past few summers we couldn’t even find a parking spot less than a kilometer away. Not to mention the traffic police coordinating the tourists. So much for a magical feeling.

But then September comes, and it is definitely better again.

I’m always glowing when I leave Ibiza. The stimulating conversations, the surprising encounters. The hiking in enchanted forests that smell of rosemary, thyme, and pine. The boat rides to secret coves.

Enchanted Forest and Golden Sharon FruitGet lost in the enchanted forests or pick fruits like the golden sharon fruit. Photo: Petra Dokken


Relaxing is the main event around here. I stay up north with an international creative crowd, and we all just relax. A typical day consists of long swims in the late morning, discussing ideas in shadows, long lunches, outdoor siestas, and dressing up for the evening, though we might not ever leave the house. If we do feel like going to a bar or dancing, there is no shortage of options. Classy cocktails and the best DJs in the world seem a world apart from our haven in the olive grove, but are in fact only a 20-minute drive away.

Maybe that is the solution to the riddle. We big city people can chill out here because we know that we can choose not to.


There are fancy spots and family-style, home-cooking places. There are fish restaurants by the sea, and there’s an ongoing discussion about who makes the best paella. It’s traditional to only have coffee in the morning and eat a long, lazy, late lunch, followed by siesta and, later on, dinner and drinks (or just drinks).

Once upon a time, I met a man that I later fell in love with at Can Curune (Ctra. Sant Joan-Eivissa Km 17,5; +34-971-333-165). Or maybe it was love at first sight that morning. Yes, I found love in a small supermarket that sells fresh meat, local salt, and has a great selection of Champagne. (So typically Ibiza.) Located north, not too far from Sant Joan, Can Carune is a meeting place where I get my morning coffee and lunch. It’s run by a loud, local family cooking hearty food.

Head inland to La Paloma for organic and soulful Mediterranean food in the village of San Lorenzo, or stay seaside at El Chiringuito. I love this place. All white, on the beach, in the southern part of the island. A bit glitzy, but in a good way. Great for lunch and afternoon cocktails.

Can Planells

Can Planells. Photo: Petra Dokken


Stay in the north and choose something personal.

Can Planells is an agroturismo (a reformatted former farm) with eight rooms owned by my friend Joan Planells. It is a paradise of calm, an orchard of lemon, orange, avocado, melons, plums, tomatoes. Figs and almonds. Vegetables and flowers. Pool and garden. I sleep like a baby here.

Can Pardal is a new boutique hotel in the village of Sant Miquel, by the church with only five rooms. Just beautiful. I also love The Giri, a small, five-suite secret in the village of Sant Joan. Soft modernism and luxury spa. A regular on “world’s best boutique hotels” lists.


Fly: Vueling (now owned by British Airways) is a low-cost airline that flies many times per day from Barcelona. You can also fly via Palma de Mallorca.


Rent a car at the airport. The small but good roads will take you wherever you need to go. I usually say that it never takes more than 20 minutes to get wherever you need to go in Ibiza, and it’s almost true. Road signs and names of villages can be slightly confusing since they are sometimes written in the local Catalan and sometimes in conventional Spanish.


Summer lasts from May-October, though June-September are the warmest, with very little rain. November-April is much quieter, but even at its coldest, winters are not brutal. September is the best time to visit. That’s when the big crowds are gone and the selected ones emerge to enjoy what only can be enjoyed here in at this time of year: soft vibes and closing parties.


Drugs of all kinds are not legal in Ibiza. Other than that, anything goes.


Ibiza 2013: The winners and losers

Ibiza 2013: The winners and losers


With the Ibiza 2013 summer dance season now over, it’s time to reflect on what soared and what sucked on the world’s craziest party isle.


Ibiza Underground Hero 2013: Marco Carola

Solomun, Richie Hawtin, and Sven Vath had successful Balearic summers, but 2013 will be remembered as the year that Italian techno pioneer Marco Carola ruled the underground.

From July until late September, Carola’s Music-On events at Amnesia were rammed with international techno connoisseurs, with Carl Cox making a one-off appearance in late August.

But what was Carola’s secret? Well, he spent the summer dropping throbbing techno grooves rather than obsolete, industrial cuts.

If you want to catch Carola performing this winter, head to Marquee in New York, or head back to Ibiza in late December for a special Music-On New Years Eve party at Amnesia.

Ibiza EDM Hero 2013: Avicii

Some of the biggest crowds of the 2013 Ibiza season were found at Ushuaïa, with EDM pinup-boy Avicii wielding a USB-stick full of epic electro-styled tunes every Sunday afternoon.

While the young Swede’s mainstream, Americanised sound may not interest too many dance music purists, Avicii’s colossal production set-ups certainly caught the attention of a zillion first time ravers who have now been persuaded to take-up clubbing as a full-time hobby.

If you like your dance music infused with sunshine and costumed in designer beach wear, check-out Avicii’s theatrical EDM showpiece event next summer.

Reassuringly Retro: Pikes Hotel

A guesthouse to Freddie Mercury, Boy George and George Michael, Pikes Hotel was the place to be and be seen in the 1980s.

After a period of steady decline, the labyrinth-like finca was taken over by the Ibiza Rocks group in 2008.

Thankfully, the new owners have organised and augmented life at the old farmhouse without tearing into its liberal soul, which means the best ‘insiders’ parties in Ibiza can still be found beneath the tree line on the dusty hillside that borders San Antonio.

In 2013, big-name DJs like Yousef, Eats Everything, and 2manydjs all performed at Pikes, but in truth, the parties were always much larger than the artists who fuelled them.

September’s annual Freddie Mercury birthday party was particularly loose, and there’s still the scarily hedonistic Halloween Party to come on October 31st.

Pacha’s New Events Roster

Pacha completely revamped their events roster over the winter, with apex DJs like Tiesto, Luciano, and Pete Tong, as well as long running label nights Subliminal and Defected, all switching venues.

In their place, Pacha awarded in-house residencies to man of the moment Solomun, Israeli production genius Guy Gerber, and underground legends John Digweed and DJ Sneak.

As a result, the world’s most famous dance music venue felt more open and accessible in 2013, as Pacha’s legendary VIP crowds were enlarged by gangs of neon ravers and psychedelic Flower Power children of all ages.

We Love Yellow Acid Balls

Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox both attracted humongous crowds to Playa d’en Bossa over the course of the summer, but the atmosphere at We Love was more festive, as Ibiza workers and insiders mingled with over 6,000 visiting pilgrims beneath those famous yellow acid balls.

Fatboy Slim, James Zabiela, Disclosure, and Midland all dropped memorable sets in 2013, before the news broke that We Love promoters Mark and Sarah Broadbent were to retire.

Whether or not the gigantic, festival-sized We Love party has a future may depend on what happens to Space over the course of the off-season.

Sunsets at Café del Mar

After releasing a plethora of enlightening, downtempo mix CDs in the mid-90s, Café del Mar rightly gained a reputation for being the most famous sunset bar in the world.

However, the following decade wasn’t quite as sundrenched, as the San Antonio bar lost itself and its sound.

But this summer, with established DJs like Marco Carola, DJ Sneak, and Ferry Corsten, and underground newcomers such as Finnebassen, Adriatique, and Joseph Capriati all performing exclusive twilight sets on the shoreline, Café del Mar began recalling the glimmer of its own heritage.

The Ibiza Rocks Bar Chicken Pitta

A huge favourite with DJs, celebrities, island workers and transient clubbers, Ibiza Rocks’ Chicken Pitta has been designed for a health conscious, but party withered generation.

Without the colossal Rocks Bar Chicken Pitta, the island would have starved to a grinding halt in early July.


Bomba, Booom! or Bust

In early May, a new clubbing venue located in Ibiza Town, called Bomba, was causing a storm of excitement across the island.

With Luciano, Yousef, and Simon Dunmore all fronting for the new project, expectations were unsurprisingly high.

However, anticipation quickly turned to disinterest as the venue repeatedly failed to open on time.

After a protracted period of legislative uncertainty, and with Bomba abruptly rebranding itself as Booom!, the venue finally opened in July, with Sebastian Ingrosso replacing an AWOL Avicii in the DJ booth.

Nevertheless, Booom! did rally support in August, with their Defected and Vagabundos nights both attracting large crowds to the intimate, 1,000 capacity venue.

With a full winter to complete the restoration project and an opportunity to attune a raging Pioneer soundsystem that sounds way too powerful for the venue, Booom! should be ready to compete with the big boys next summer.

Eden Isn’t Vegas

Another venue troubled by a late start to the season, San Antonio’s Eden nightclub was purchased by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs in May 2013.

Totally restored, the renovated venue looks and sounds absolutely fantastic, but Eden’s rearranged events roster failed to cut the mustard.

Desperate to promote itself as a Las Vegas-type establishment, Eden decided to drop some of their more commercial, UK-styled nights, such as Kisstory.

However, their decision to promote a plethora of international DJs that were boring English clubbing crowds years ago didn’t go down well with the educated San An masses.

But all is not lost: blessed with a stunning venue and thousands of educated clubbers on their doorstep, if Eden can get to grips with the musical demographics of the island, they might just be able to prevent a sizeable percentage of San Antonio’s rave trade migrating to Playa d’en Bossa in 2014.

Invasion of the Jelly Fish

In recent years, Spanish fishermen have been paid by the local authorities to pick-up jellyfish swimming close to shore.

This summer, however, these incentives have been stopped. Consequently, more swimmers have been stung by jellyfish this summer than in previous seasons.

Mission Impossible: Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum

Their mission: to smuggle 11kg of cocaine from Peru to Ibiza.

As we all know, Reid and Connolly failed to do this, after being stopped at customs by narcotics officials at Lima airport back in August.

They are now locked down in a Peruvian jail after pleading guilty and awating sentence.

Source : The Daily Mirror UK

Ibiza’s Café del Mar is opening in Sydney next month

Ibiza’s Café del Mar is opening in Sydney next month




Didn’t make it to Ibiza this season? How’s this for a consolation prize: Café del Mar is coming to Sydney. After first letting slip they were headed our way last month, now the White Isle institution has locked in its new home: 201 Sussex St in Cockle Bay, the former site of Coast Restaurant. While the official announcement is yet to be made, Café Del Mar’s PR agency told inthemix the big launch is penciled in for mid-November – we’ll keep you posted.

For anyone who’s made the Ibiza pilgrimage, Café Del Mar needs no introduction. Set on the beach of Sant Antoni de Portmany, between its enviable setting and its reputation for spinning ambient, chilled-out sounds, Café del Mar’s long been known as the place to see the sun go down in Ibiza. “Cafe del Mar Sydney will pay homage to its Spanish heritage whilst being created for Sydney by Sydney people,” Café Del Mar’s PR Agency announced. “There will be an emphasis on the food offering with an incredible line up of cocktails, drinks and of course entertainment. We are very much looking forward to telling everyone about it. The sun always sets in style at Cafe del Mar Sydney.” So, think stylish restaurant and lounge bar rather than hedonistic club.

Of course, Café Del Mar isn’t the first Ibiza institution to open a franchise in Australia. At the tail end of last year, Ibiza legend Ricardo Urgell came to town to launch Pacha Sydney, which now takes over ivy every Saturday night with a new cast of local and international names on board each week.

Ibiza takes over from St Tropez as Med’s top celeb playground

Ibiza takes over from St Tropez as Med’s top celeb playground


by A Place in the Sun

When it comes to celebrities, whohasn’t holidayed in Ibiza this year?

From Beyoncé and rapper Baby Blue to David and Samantha Cameron and actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Leonardo di Caprio, the Spanish island has been a revolving door for the stars.

Of course this is nothing new although its celebrity cachet seems to increase year on year and it has certainly replaced St Tropez as the go-to party place for the rich and famous.

Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Errol Flynn have been visiting Ibiza since the 1950s, so this is not a new phenomenon, it’s just the appetite for spotting them has grown along with the explosion of social media.

What the stars loved about Ibiza 60 years ago still stands today, beautiful scenery, unspoilt beaches, rolling countryside and an ability to escape the public and the paparazzi should they wish.

“Ibiza is not an island that hounds the famous, it allows them to enjoy themselves alongside the locals, safe in the knowledge that they’re in the most fashionable hotspot in the Mediterranean,” says Daniel Chavarria Waschke, Managing Director of Balearic Sotheby’s International Realty.

Indeed there are many more sides to Ibiza than tabloid tittle tattle would have people believe.

Yes, it is a paradise for mad clubbing hedonism with Space, Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege offering colourful club nights all summer long, but Ibiza also offers quiet coves, fine dining restaurants and a UNESCO-protected Old Town – all encircled by beautiful turquoise waters drenched with endless sunshine. It is therefore guaranteed that there’s something within its dainty 570 km2 to suit everyone.

If you’re looking for TOWIE talent or their ‘Enders predecessors, San Antonio’s Ocean Beach Ibiza is the place to hang out – Joey Essex, Jessica Wright, Patsy Palmer and Natalie Cassidy are just some of the “names” to have graced their VIP beds this season.

Tulisa has also taken her unique sense of style to the Island to drown her ex-X-Factorsorrows. Moving up the social rankings, tennis heart throb Rafael Nadal, socialite Paris Hilton, box office banker Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodels Bar Refaeli, Doutzen Kroes and Kate Moss have all chosen the White Isle for their summer 2013 holidays. It’s also a firm favourite with Premiership and top-level Spanish footballers.

“The island does not discriminate, it’s for young and old, families and partygoers, wealthy and famous, all just a couple of hours flying time from northern Europe. It offers a high-end lifestyle which has seen a good deal of investment over recent years in the shape of new marinas, luxury hotels and restaurants. The St Tropez crowd are now coming to Ibiza, it’s a very aspirational place to be,” adds Daniel.

Of course Ibiza is not just for holidays, it’s also for living. Supermodels Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell and Jade Jagger have all had homes on the island, as does bad boy rocker Noel Gallagher, football favourites Cesc Fabregas and David Villa, musician James Blunt and DJs Pete Tong and Eric Morillo.

According to Ibiza Sotheby’s International Realty, the two styles of villa most sought-after today are contemporary well-designed new builds that relate to the landscape and traditional fincas that have been modernised in Ibizan minimalist style whilst retaining the original structure. They have examples of both.