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This is the picture of holiday bliss that will infuriate relatives of butchered soldier Lee Rigby.

Surrounded by sun, sea and sand in Ibiza, David Cameron looks like he hasn’t a care in the world – as the country he is meant to be running lies in the grip of terrorist turmoil following the horrific murder.

While the PM was sipping coffee and chatting to his smiling wife Samantha on the Spanish island, police in London arrested four more suspects in ­connection with the 25-year-old drummer’s death last week.

And the streets of ­Woolwich in South East London were packed with supporters who marched to the barracks near where Lee was killed to pay tribute.

They were joined by his ­devastated family who travelled to the murder scene from Manchester to survey the growing mountain of flowers and messages to the fallen hero.

Locals on the march told of their fury that Mr Cameron had fled on holiday while the country faced its biggest terror crisis since the 7/7 London bombings of 2005.


David Cameron

Simon Naismith, 28, of nearby Greenwich, said: “We did this as a mark of respect for Lee. It’s a shame the Prime Minister couldn’t have shown some respect and joined us.”

Kirsty O’Connor, 26, from Charlton, added: “He has gone to Ibiza? That just about sums him up. You would have thought he would have delayed the trip as a mark of respect.

“You only had to see that poor family laying their flowers to see the utter heartbreak of it all. I hope it rains all week.”

And Jack Voller, 56, said: “It shows out of touch he is.” Labour MP John Mann added: “This reinforces the message that this is a part-time government. It’s inappropriate to jet off so soon after what has happened. He should be at his desk, doing his job. He wants to have his cake and eat it.

“I will be in my office tomorrow. I don’t know why he can’t be in his office too.”

Fellow MP Sarah Champion said: “While the country struggles to come to terms with the vile crime in Woolwich and investigations continue, he has swanned off to Ibiza. People deserve better from their Prime Minister.”


Drummer Lee Rigby

But Tory MP Nadine Dorries, a critic of Mr Cameron’s, backed the PM’s decision to take a break. She said: “We have got the internet, mobile phones. I think Cameron could get back from Ibiza to London quicker than if he was in Cornwall. He’s entitled to a holiday.”

A No10 spokesman said: “The PM is on holiday with his family for the week. As always, whilst away, he remains in charge, and has office support with him.”

Mr Cameron flew out on Saturday. Since then, detectives have been in a race to ­identify associates of a string of arrested terror suspects, amid fears they could be planning further attacks. Three men aged 28, 24 and 21 are in police custody on ­suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder after being seized in a series of raids on Saturday night.

And yesterday, a 22-year-old was held in connection with dad-of-one Lee’s killing after being wrestled off his bike by officers.

The man was cycling near his home in Islington, North London, when five gun police in balaclavas swooped on him at 2.45pm.

One witness said: “Police came out of nowhere and wrestled him to the ground.”


Family visit the scene of the murder of lee Rigby

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “A 22-year-old man was arrested by officers investigating the murder of Lee Rigby.”

It was last night unclear what the man’s links were to suspects Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, who were arrested within minutes of Wednesday’s attack. The pair, who were both shot by police, are still under 24-hour guard in hospital.

Nine people have now been arrested over Lee’s death. Three have been released.

Detectives were yesterday allowed more time to question terror suspect Abu Nusaybah, 31, who was held at the BBC after giving an interview on Friday in which he claimed Adebolajo had been asked by MI5 to work for them. Nusaybah’s arrest was not directly linked to Lee’s death.

Kenyan police confirmed Adebolajo had previously been arrested close to the border with Somalia, where al-Qaeda linked militant group al-Shabab is based.

And it emerged both he and Adebowale allegedly came under the influence of hate preacher Usman Ali, 36, in London.

Sam raves about the resort and life’s a beach for Dave

Ibiza has become a favourite holiday haunt of the Camerons and this may be because it appeals to both their tastes.

For Dave, there are beautiful beaches, the historic Old Town of Ibiza and, says the tourist office, “small palaces, art galleries, museums and restaurants”.

For Sam, the island still revels in its reputation as the electronic dance music capital of the world. When last visiting two years ago, she flew out the day before her husband to join 2,500 rave fans at the International Music Summit. On that trip, he was snapped enjoying a go on a plastic, yellow pedalo.

Not that the stay was cheap. They flew out budget style but an Old Town villa would cost at least £2,000 for a week.

Source : The Mirror UK

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