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The start to the Ibiza season is so close we can smell the sun tan lotion. But if you’re planning on heading over for the opening parties, you’ll have noticed the flights are becoming very expensive. However, we’ve learnt a little trick that can help you bag pricey flights for knocked down prices.

Easyjet’s Flexifares let you switch dates by a few weeks without paying anything extra. So you can buy cheap pre-season flight prices, then swap for your chosen dates, at no extra cost.

For example, if you want to fly out on Friday May 23 and back on Tue 27 May for a long weekend, it would currently cost £454 for Easyjet return. If you book Easyjet Flexifares for the wrong dates, ie. May 17 – May 18 then switch to the correct dates at no extra cost (as part of the Flexifare deal), the same flights will cost just £130. You just saved £324: that’s enough for a round of drinks at Space!

However, if you’re thinking about using this trick yourself there are some key points to stop getting caught out. suggests the following:

Step 1: Check at least 20 seats are available on the date you want to fly. This trick is a bit of a gamble because you have to wait before switching your flights and there’s always a risk the seats you want could be snapped up in the meantime and that you could be left with a ticket for the wrong dates.

Our suggestion then is that you pretend to book standard tickets for a large party on the dates you actually want to fly (but don’t actually go through with the purchase). If you can still get a quote for, say, 20 seats, chances are there’ll still be room once you switch flights. The fewer seats there are left, the more of a gamble you’re taking.

Step 2: Book a cheaper Flexifare on an alternate date. Find and book a Flexifare ticket on the same route, no more than three weeks before or one week after you want to fly. As a bonus, these tickets also include speedy boarding and one piece of hold luggage – but they aren’t available on every route so check your destination’s included.

Step 3: Watch and wait. This is the nerve-wracking bit. You’ll need to wait at least 24 hours until you switch your Flexifare tickets to the dates you want. You’ll be able to move each ticket by up to one week back or three weeks forward if there’s space on a flight. You can change the dates as many times as you like – but if there’s no availability you won’t be able to switch.

Step 4: Switch your flights as soon as you can. As soon as the 24 hours are up, log on to the Easyjet website, check the dates you’re after are still available and switch your flights.

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Source : Mixmag

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