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Terrible news for Ibiza as there’s reportedly been an agreement that all clubs on the island will close at 6.30am from next summer.

Bars also fall under the change in law, having to close at 5am, with authorities threatening to “adopt penalties that are commensurate with the offence committed” if establishments fail to close on time and empty the venue within a half an hour period.

The amendment, agreed by the president of Ibiza council, Vicent Torres, and the mayors of each of the White Isle’s municipalities yesterday, also includes beach clubs. These will have to cease playing music at midnight, but are able to remain open until 3am as they fall under the same catergory as restaurants, according to Diario de Ibiza.

San Antonio will not be affected too much by the island’s unifying time changes, as bars there have had to close at 5am for the last two years, but it’ll serve a huge blow to Amnesia, which regularly runs into daytime.

Of course, Ibiza clubs frequently stay open past their official closing times with regular offenders such as Amnesia preferring to deal with the authorities once the party is all said and done. However, it appears that the council is keen to toughen up on rulebreakers, so some of the island’s more epic raves could be curtailed next season.

We’re betting the promoters are one step ahead, though.

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