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Holiday islands Mallorca and Ibiza could be among first areas of Spain to see state of alarm lifted says Balearic president

HOLIDAY islands Mallorca and Ibiza could be among the first areas of Spain to see the state of alarm lifted, according to Balearic Island President Francina Armengol.

Speaking after Sunday’s videoconference meeting between the heads of Spain’s regional governments and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Armengol said the conditions in terms of new coronavirus infections make the Balearics a good candidate for coming out of the state of alarm sooner rather than later.

Sanchez commented during the meeting with the regional presidents that the state alarm, which Congress last week agreed to extend another 15 days to June 7, could be lifted in some parts of the country earlier than others, depending on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in each.

Today’s Covid-19 figures show that just two more people have tested positive in the archipelago since Saturday, putting the total number at 2,041. There have been no coronavirus-related deaths on the islands in the last 24 hours and 1,594 have now recovered from the illness.

While optimistic about the Balearics’ chances of seeing the state of alarm removed soon, Armengol did caution that the region has to ensure it carries on moving in right direction in terms of controlling the pandemic.

Tomorrow Monday Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca will join Formentera in phase two of the de-escalation lockdown. This will give people more freedom and reactivate the economy, “but this now means more responsibility”, the Balearic government head emphasized.

“We have been able to advance quickly because we have moved forward with things done well. And we have to carry on doing this responsibly.

“The virus is still among us and still killing people”, she stressed.

DJ Awards 2016 takes place at Pacha Ibiza


Here in Ibiza we’re emerging from what can only be described as one outrageously epic weekend (Music On closing, Ushuaïa closing, Space closing, ‘nuff said), and the action continued apace on Monday night as the prestigious DJ Awards were held at Pacha, during which the industry’s top players were rewarded for their services to the scene.

DJs descended in their droves on the Ibiza Town venue to find out if they’d been crowned the winner of their category and had been given the go ahead to take home one of the distinctive green kryptonite awards. Sixteen of them in total were up for grabs, 12 of which were voted for by you, the discerning public, and it turns out you all used your vote wisely.

The biggest cheer of the night perhaps inevitably, went to Carl Cox, who was crowned King (yet again) as the best Techno and International DJ. Black Coffee went home with the Deep House crown, Armin van Buuren was named best Trance DJ, Jamie XX won the Electronicaaward and the Martinez Brothers stomped to victory in the Tech House category. WooMoon went home with the best new Ibiza Night title.

This year, there was also the new introduction of the Iconic Club Award, which rightfully was presented to the one and only Space. The club’s owner, Pepe Roselló was there to pick up his trophy, doling out some characteristic pearls of kindhearted wisdom and words of thanks in the process. What a way to see out the season.

See the full list of winners here:


BASS                                                              ARMINE EDGE & DANCE

BIG ROOM HOUSE                                     HARDWELL

BREAKTHROUGH                                       ANNA

DEEP HOUSE                                               BLACK COFFEE

ELECTRONICA                                             JAMIE XX


HOUSE                                                           CLAPTONE

INTERNATIONAL                                         CARL COX

NEWCOMER                                                  MIHALIS SAFRAS

TECH HOUSE                                               THE MARTINEZ BROTHERS

TECHNO                                                        CARL COX

TRANCE                                                        ARMIN VAN BUUREN



CUTTING EDGE                                           FUNKTION ONE

PRODUCER                                                  EMANUEL SATIE

IBIZA NIGHT                                                WOOMOON

IBIZA DJ                                                        MR DORIS





ICONIC CLUB AWARD                                SPACE

Space Ibiza closing party tickets on sale


Right then gang, you might want to sit down before reading this because excitement levels are likely to soar through the ceiling. The following announcement confirms the most long-awaited news of the summer – SPACE CLOSING PARTY TICKETS ARE OFFICIALLY ON SALE!

That’s right raving monsters, you can now get your hands on tickets for the final ever fiesta at the legendary Space Ibiza. Not only is this a party that will go down as the biggest and most extravagant of the season, it will also go down in history – probably as one of the biggest parties of all time. To repeat, of ALL TIME. It’s the last time you’ll be able to dance within the Space’s hallowed walls; the last time you’ll ever see Carl Cox on the club’s dance floors; the last time you’ll ever be able to tango on the terrace. It’s the last time we’ll all be able to join together in praise of one of the best clubs the world’s ever seen.

Here’s the nitty gritty: the first release of tickets will cost 99€ and will include two free drinks (you’ll be given two drinks tickets on arrival). Each person can buy a maximum of six tickets each and the ticket owner must enter at the same time as the rest of the party, and show ID to prove they’re over 18 on the door. And, here’s an important point – tickets gain you entry to the club between the hours of 4.30 and 9 PM – after that, entry isn’t guaranteed, although you should all be there as soon as doors open to soak up as much of the car park atmosphere as possible anyway.

This is the first wave of tickets so we’d recommend you act quickly to grab your spot, but if you miss out this time, don’t panic – there’ll be more tickets to follow later in the season, on our website as well as on Space’s. Join our forums to get the latest info on when the next round of tickets will be available.

So that’s it – the rundown on how to secure tickets for the most anticipated party of the century. Come join us as we dance through a haze of nostalgic tears and make more Space memories to last a lifetime. We owe it this one.

#Album – #Music For Dreams #Copenhagen 2015

Artist: Various (selected and mixed by Kenneth Bager)
Album: Music For Dreams – Copenhagen 2015
Label: Music For Dreams
Released: 12/01/15


Kenneth Bager has been producing, promoting and performing his distinctive brand of eclectic house music for several decades now and, with this latest instalment to his well-respected series, shows no signs of slowing down. The founder of the legendarily hedonistic Coma Club parties, in his home city of Copenhagen, and Music For Dreams label boss presents us with his latest compilation, and like the man himself, it’s fun, a little eccentric and well worth paying attention to.

As with all compilations, individual listeners will pick out their own personal highlights. In this case, a lot will depend on their mood as chilled tracks are accompanied by much more dance floor friendly cuts. However, a notable strand running throughout is Kenneth’s interest in different and eclectic instruments that make welcome appearances: saxophone solos, guitar strums, piano tinklings, even a Gallic-flavoured accordion all add a richness and variety that keep you engaged and looking forward to what’s coming up next. Repeated plays are warranted to pick up on something that may have been missed first time around.

Those who are familiar with Kenneth’s laid back, Balearic-bliss selections from his radio show on Ibiza Sonica may be a touch surprised at some of the tracks showcased here, for example, Serge Devant’s deep and dark remix of Hess is More’s Yes Boss. Whilst it’s a compilation, rather than a mix, there is a definite progression that takes the listener from the beach, in opener Total Blue by Bonnie & Klein, onto late-night dancefloors, climaxing with James Moor’s Spirits and back again to a delicate piano on closer Birdy by Troels Hammer. It’s ambitious certainly and perhaps a stretch at times as syncopated bongos and funky guitar licks are replaced quickly by big, rolling basslines and thumping kick drums.

Music For Dreams – Copenhagen 2015 is therefore a tricky one to nail down; if anything, it reflects those glorious sunsets at Café Mambo (who hosted Bager’s residency in 2013), where the descent of the sun beneath the horizon signals a prompt, breathless start to the evening’s festivities. It sits in that hinterland between bar and club, where the drinks are being poured and anticipation of the adventures ahead are being felt, and sometimes that is the best place to be.


1. Bonnie & Klein – Total Blue
2. Bjarno – Factor 30
3. Emil Germ – Giv (Original Album Mix)
4. Coyote – Gitarra
5. Dj Pippi & Kenneth Bager – La Serenata (Sandro S Dub Mix)
6. The Kenneth Bager Experience – Premiere Classe (Beat Mix)
7. Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers in Paris (Tonovi remix)
8. Mads Dalholt & Zimino feat Djek – Balearica
9. Tuccinelli – Tempo Libre
10.Peter Visti – Wanna Dance
11.Al Jawala – Go East – (Mads Dalholt & Zimino Remix)
12. Dj Mam – Sambarimbo (Deeplick Remix)
13. Landers & Dalholt – Zengo
14. James Moor – Spirits
15. Hess Is More – Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
16. Laid Back – Fuck (The Kenneth Bager Experience Remix)
17. Valentin Huedo – Running On Grass
18. Lucci Capri – Kilimanjaro (New Mix)
19. N* Grandjean – The First Picture (RockNRolla Sound System )
20 – Troels Hammer – Birdy

WORDS | Andrew Fulker

Tunes from the pros

Throughout January music lovers have been treated to a sudden surge of new work from some of the most established industry giants in the biz. We give a short analysis of three such releases to see how the music lives up to the name.


Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Rihanna – Four Five Seconds

Taking a direction that has surprised many (The Prodigy please take note), the unlikely trio of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney has produced a subtle and simple acoustic pop song which finally gives Rihanna’s voice some room to breathe after several years of crowding out by over-production. It’s stripped back, honest and strangely satisfying to hear McCartney take the considerable talent of both these younger artists and steer them firmly away from lascivious lyrics and abrasive EDM hooks (sorry for sounding like my mother). Once the vocals have had their moment to shine, my attention drifts to the modestly evolving instrumental tracks beneath, expertly layered by McCartney with a few more unusual chord progressions and instrumentation (is McCartney fronting an organ come-back?) that in my opinion save the piece from the fate prescribed by one Pop Justice reviewer of sounding “like track 9 on a Pink album”, heaven forbid. Let’s just be thankful West didn’t spill his supersized cup of autotune all over the track like he did on his McCartney collaboration Only One. Yeesh, Yeezus, what were you thinking?

Giorgio Moroder and Kylie Minogue – Right Here Right Now

Though I absolutely love the title and its originator, I fear Giorgio Moroder’s forthcoming album ’74 Is The New 24′ may disappoint. The two singles revealed so far are expertly produced, fun, pop songs with a gurgling, analogue synth grind that acts as a Moroder signature. But in both cases the melodies and chord progressions seem to only graze the surface, lacking the depth or hook that makes a classic. Even as I write I listen to Kylie Minogue’s shiny treble in the chorus and realise it will probably work for many, but for me the step-touch, step-touch up the Major scale of “right here, right now” is all cheese. I’m in no way adverse to sparkly pop music, but with echoes of Kylie’s ancient collaboration with Nick Cave in my ear, I kind of expected a Minogue/Moroder alliance to be, well, cooler.

The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

Gutsy thudding and a low growl opens The Day Is My Enemy with promise; the sultry female vocal hook intrigues, and even the hit, though familiar, is deliciously meaty. But as the track rolls on, and raspy squawks of ‘get down’ reveal themselves to be the extent of the lyrical prowess, one wonders what it is The Prodigy are actually shouting about this time. The time has come and gone for The Prodigy to evolve, and put their considerable musical talent and subversive sentiments into a project with a new sound. No one is asking for a predictable ‘I’ve mellowed with age’ album but, after The Prodigy has spent the last five years touring excessively, we desperately need something different. If you like The Prodigy, you’ll like The Day Is My Enemy, but if you love The Prodigy, you’ll feel that it’s missing soul.

Samir Nasri takes break to Ibiza with girlfriend Anara Atanes

Samir Nasri continues to enjoy his time away from France fold by taking break to Ibiza with girlfriend Anara Atanes

  • The Frenchman retired from international football after being left out of Didier Deschamps’ 2014 World Cup squad
  • Girlfriend Anara Atanes reacted angrily to Deschamps’ decision
  • Samir Nasri’s Man City take on his former side Arsenal next Saturday 


Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is making use of his early international retirement from the France national team by taking a break with his girlfriend Anara Atanes in Ibiza.

The 27-year-old decided to rule himself out of the possibility of being selected by Les Bleus manager Didier Deschamps after he was controversially left out of France’s 2014 World Cup squad.

Nasri’s girlfriend publicly blasted Deschamps back in May for omitting Nasri from the squad by writing on Twitter: ‘F*** france and f*** Deschamps! What a s*** manager!

Short vacation: Nasri poses with girlfriend Atanes and Carla Dona Garcia (far right) during trip to Ibiza

Short vacation: Nasri poses with girlfriend Atanes and Carla Dona Garcia (far right) during trip to Ibiza

‘Incase you didn’t read my tweet properly…. I’ll repeat myself….. f*** FRANCE!!!!! And f*** Deschamps!

‘Let’s just get this straight! I’m not mad I get my bf for two months…. I just think there’s a level of respect to be had!’

His omission from the France squad came following a season in which Nasri helped Manchester City win the Premier League and Capital One Cup.

Citizens boss Manuel Pellegrini will be hoping Nasri returns from his holiday fully refreshed ahead of Manchester City’s clash against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on September 13.

Sublimotion, Ibiza: inside the world’s most expensive restaurant


By  (The Telegraph)

What does £1,200 – the price, per person of dinner at Sublimotion, Ibiza – buy you? Self-mixing cocktails, vivid 360-degree projections, and a pillow of nitrogenised olive oil. Teresa Machan gets a taster

I’d waited a while to see my name in lights and there it was, emblazoned in neon on a 12-seater dining table. Knowing where to sit would in fact prove to be the only certainty in one of the most bizarre dining experiences I’ve ever had.

Most of the buzz surrounding Sublimotion, the new Ibiza restaurant of Paco Roncero, the double Michelin-starred chef, is about the price tag. Ibiza is no stranger to excess and experimentation, but the €1,500 (£1,198) per head cost has really raised eyebrows.

No confusion over where to sit

When pressed, Roncero wouldn’t confirm that his brave exercise in theatrical dining is also the world’s most expensive. What he did claim, however, is that Sublimotion is the “cheapest life-changing experience anyone can have.”

“You can’t put a price on 27 staff serving 12 diners the best ingredients in a spectacular way,” he added. Well, yes, you can and have.


Vivid 360-degree projections are used

From an unmarked door on a street next to the new Hard Rock Hotel we were ushered into what resembled a store room and then, following a brief preamble, into a disco lift that rocked to the sound of the Ramones’Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

The lift decanted us into a high-ceilinged, windowless oblong room – empty but for a single neon-lit communal table.

The table, which serves as a canvas for light installation, has now become the conduit for a galaxy. A woman’s dulcet tones told us we were here to celebrate “magical achievement, of a meeting in time and space”.

“Place your hands on the circles and join in a halo of energy to close the circle,” she instructed as a trail of white light darted around the table, coming to a stop at my seat neighbour.

Cue Miss Dulcet: “What’s wrong? Does somebody not believe?”

One of the creations at Sublimotion

Either my neighbour James is a non-believer or I have inadvertently broken the magic circle by holding my iPad instead of placing my hands on the halo of energy. No matter. “Come on, concentrate. Very good, there you are. Here your voyage begins.”

What followed was pure theatre – an immersive dining experience of spinning “plates” (a CD) that appeared to float in mid air, vivid 360-degree projections, a book that opened to a talking head (Paco, asking us to “relax and let ourselves be carried away”) and, a personal favourite, a bloody Mary that mixed itself, poltergeist style.

“Shake it with your mind,” instructed a waiter, and the container into which we’d poured three liquids from test tubes began to vibrate.

Roncero describes himself as a dreamer; I suspect he has been watching too much Game of Thrones.

Sublimotion is “food for the Facebook generation”

Our 30-minute taster session was a mere amuse bouche for what will be a two and a half hour gastronomical show that might include balloons filled with chocolate cake (but not really) painting your own dessert, dining in an orchard where everything from the floor to the soil is edible, or a nibble in the North Pole.

If nothing else Sublimotion is a marriage of food and technology – temperature, scents, projections and ultimately, trickery of the mind and palate. Every surface, from the walls to the table, can be projected on to, and waiting staff are technicians, musicians and illusionists.

And what about the food?! It is deconstructed within an inch of its life, molecularised, morphed by spherification and – of course – blasted by liquid hydrogen. We taste a pillow of nitrogenised (at -196 degrees C) olive oil, pegged to a miniature washing line and a liquid cheese so rich that, naturally, only a glass of Laurent Perrier can cut through. The white-chocolate foie gras doughnut is surprisngly moreish.

Expect liquid nitrogen galore

But the highlight for me was the aforementioned bloody Mary we each concocted from three test tubes of liquid. Roncero talks about Spain having the best raw ingredients in the world – the proof for me is in the purest hit of the tomato-infused drink I have ever tasted. Thin and brackish in appearance, the essence of tomato juice explodes in my mouth as if ripened by a thousand Mediterranean suns.

As the waitress swooped in to replace it with Champagne I covered it with my hand. An unscripted tweak to the highly choreographed running order, but I intended to savour every sip.

So, is it worth the price? If you have ever enjoyed a simple, rustic yet unforgettable meal anywhere that serves up the freshest, local ingredients with love you’ll know the answer. But punters with silly money abound. That night Sublimotion would play host to competitors from the rally of the rich and famous – Gumball 3000. The entry fee for the event was £40,000 per vehicle.

You can bet they weren’t fighting over the bill.

Paco Roncero, the double Michelin-starred chef

SARAH HARDING already looked trollied as she arrived in Ibiza with boyfriend MARK FOSTER.

SARAH HARDING already looked trollied as she arrived in Ibiza with boyfriend MARK FOSTER.

The pair are there for the isle’s first summer tear-ups but Sarah must have got the party started on the plane yesterday.

A source said: “She was behaving like she was drunk and snogging the face off her man at the baggage area.


Sarah Harding

All White on the night … Sarah Harding is hitting the Isle’s opening parties


“Sarah climbed on a trolley then sat listening to music and bopping her head.

“She was laughing and saying she was raring to go after her power nap on the plane.”

At least she’ll have swerved the dodgy in-flight brekkie omelette.
Source : The Sun UK

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